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Topic: "Crowdfunding - an effective tool for financing and promoting projects"

Date: December 8

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Venue: Intellectual Center - NARFU Scientific Library, room 102

Address: Arkhangelsk, Smolny Buyan st., 1

Lecturer: Egor Yelchin is the pioneer of the Russian crowdfunding division, the head of the school of crowdfunding “”

Quote: "I have been in crowdfunding as long as it exists in Russia - 5 years. Today everybody knows the concept of crowdfunding, but not everyone can say what it is. The first thing that comes to mind is the funding from people... "

You will learn:

- What is crowdfunding

- what are its advantages and tasks

- the structure of the crowd-project and the rules for creating each of the elements (goal wording, video, text preparation and awards)

- the main points of promotion and positioning of the crowd-project

- examples of successful projects

- questions and answers

Admission by invitations and tickets

Topic: "Practical theory of light"

Date: December 9

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Location: Arkhangelsk, GTRC "Pomorye", Troitsky prospect, 73

Lecturer: Alexander Nosovsky, Russian leading cameraman, director of photography, teacher at the film school named after. A. Mitta, a member of the Union of Cinematographers and cameraman of more than 30 famous films.

Quote: "This is the talk about the light that I really wanted to hear while studying at VGIK, but I did not hear it. Unfortunately ... I had to collect the material for this myself ... It took 20 years .. »

You will learn:

- theory and practice of working with light in the studio.

- light and its image.

- the specificity of using the effects of light in the cinema, etc.

For whom:

This seminar will be useful not only for cameramen, but also for filmmakers. The seminar is designed for both professional and novice cameramen, photographers, filmmakers and videographers.

Duration - 4 hours.

Admission by appointment. Limited number of seats.

The organizer of the workshops is the regional branch of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.