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The 3nd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN

The 3nd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN seeks to bring together the filmmakers in the countries of the Arctic region, and to introduce its audiences to the remarkable achievements made by the filmmaking industries in eight Arctic countries, which all boast a diverse filmmaking culture. 

Holding an Arctic film festival as large-scale as this in Arkhangelsk, an ancient city in the North European part of Russia, is designed to give a new impetus to the process of creating a commonly shared, cultural space in the North, as well as to strengthen Arkhangelsk's status as a cultural and educational capital of the Arctic.

ARCTIC OPEN's official selection will showcase the best submissions by contemporary film crews in the Arctic countries and by the indigenous communities of the North. The festival's program includes educational, business, and cultural activities; pitching sessions; media briefing; a workshop on how to start a film club; non-competition film selection; meet-the-artist sessions; and additional Russian and international talents scheduled to make appearances.

The festival sees its goal as attracting more attention to the Arctic. 
"If we lose the Arctic, we'll lose the globe" (quote Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, IV "Arctic - The Territory of Dialogue" Forum held in Arkhangelsk).

The 3nd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN is the recipient of the first 2019 RF Presidential Grant Award for the promotion of civil society, and is supported by Arkhangelsk Ministry of Culture. It will be highly attended by Arctic Media Association teams. 

ARCTIC OPEN's main venue will be Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University. 
Timeline: December 4-8, 2019. Arkhangelsk / Severodvinsk / Novodvinsk

Also, there is now a separate website for the film festival where you can check info for all available programms and news.

The website is available via link: