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DECEMBER 8, 18.30
Mirage Cinema Movie Theatre
Voskresenskaya Street 20, Titan Arena Shopping and Entertainment Center 

Meeting with Igor Ugolnikov, the maker, author and producer of “Fortress of War”, “Battalion”, an anthology film “World War 1”    
Screening of “World War 1”. 12+ 

This anthology film became a unique collaboration among directors from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Turkey, England, Canada, Russia, France. During World War 1 some of these countries were allies, while others fought against each other. The film consists of several parts, in which different authors present their perspectives on the events of WW1. Nevertheless, all of them agree that war knows no mercy, it spares neither children, nor elderly, nor women.  
Speaking about the movie Ugolnikov said: “100 years is the time to forgive. 100 years is the time to remember. We have made this film for the people of the 21 century so that they would appreciate and preserve peace on Earth…”

DECEMBER 7, 18:30
TsUM (Central Department Store) Cinema Halls
Severodvinsk, Lomonosov Street 81, 5th floor
DECEMBER 8, 19.00 

Rus Film Theatre 
Arkhangelsk, Timme Street 7 
Meeting with Alexander Hant, the director of “How Viktor The Garlic took Alexey The Stud to the Nursing Home”
Director – Alexander Hant,
Camera operator – Daniil Fomichev
Cast: Aleksei Serebryakov, Yevgeny Tkachuk, Olga Lapshina
The film tells a story of 27-year-old Vitka Chesnok an orphan who dreams about breaking free from his family life. As a child Vitka did not receive much of parental affection which made him callous and thick-skinned. Vitka meets his criminal handicapped father. He decides to take him to a nursing home but he doesn't have a clue of what adventures they are about to face.


DECEMBER 7, 19.00

Lomonosov Cultural Center
Arkhangelsk, Nikitova Street 1
A musical comedy “To find a man for Daria Klimova”
Meeting with the camera operator of the film Ivan Bagaev
Director – Ivan Merezhko,
Camera operator – Ivan Bagaev
Cast: Maksim Leonidov, Nikolai Fomenko, Ekaterina Guseva, Nikolai Dobrynin and a band Sekret

40-year-old Daria Klimova is a banker who has a full set of material goods but lacks a romantic relationship. To solve the problem, she registers a fake account on a dating site pretending to be an opera singer called Klava and soon meets a musician named Dan. Agreed to meet, Daria asks her secretary Lida to attend the date instead of her, so does Dan who asks his colleague to substitute him during the date. This is a very amusing and warm story. 


Free entrance 



The program of films of People's Republic of China

4 films will be screened in Arkhangelsk. Two documentary features: a Russian-Chinese project "Near the Moscow Walls" and a project of the Heilongjiang Television and Radio Broadcast service “The King of Red Spies in China (Richard Sorge)”. And two narrative features: a fantasy-film for children “In Search of Magic Pearl” and a drama “Ballet in the Flames of War”. 

The Chinese films will be screened as part of the out-of-competition program. The documentary features will be introduced by Sun Yao, Shen Shu and Valery Ruzin, a member of the festival jury and president of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio. Egor Koreshkov, a film and theatre actor, has been invited to speak about his participation in a project of co-operation between Russia and China “Ballet in the Flames of War”.

The screenings will take place on December 7th-8th December at the Regional Scientific Library named after N.A. Dobrolyubov.  

7th December  - Documentary films  

17.00 “Near the Moscow Walls”. director - Grigoriy Ilugdin / Russia, China, 2016 / 44 min

This film presents an astounding story of two heroic events which coincided in time – the Battle of Moscow and The Battle of Changsha. This film shows the importance of Russia and China in the process of dispelling the myth of power and strength of German Fascism and Japanese Militarism. It tells the story of mutual support between two nations in the defining moment of World War II. When the Allied forces suffered defeats in the Pacific and on the Western front.

18.00 “The King of Red Spies in China (Richard Sorge)”. director - Yao Dongmei / China, 2016 / 25 min 

The film is devoted to Richard Sorge, a prominent Soviet secret-service agent during the time of World War II. A lot has been written about Richard Sorge’s activity in Japan, the Eastern ally of Nazi Germany. However, apart from working in Japan he had also worked in China and here is practically no information about this period of his life. Sorge can rightly be called the legend of intelligence service. Among his personal traits were consummate professionalism, courage and ability to send valuable data and analytical forecasts to his motherland. Sorge’s activity was partially one of the reasons Japan did not attack the Soviet Union during one of the toughest periods in the country’s history.

Sorge’s mission in China in 1930-1933, which preceded his work in Japan, has until recently been the least known period of his biography.


8th December  - Feature films

14.00 “In Search of Magic Pearl”. directors: Zhang Jun An, Zhang Cheng, Wang Yi Chen / China, 2016 / 1h 25 min

Parents who live in a city and are busy at work sent their children, two brothers, to a small fishing village to their grandmother. The younger brother who is missing his parents learns from grandmother’s fairytale about magic jade pearl which helps dreams come true. One day he meets a little fairy that leads him to the place where he can find the pearl. The brothers form a group of local children to search for the jewel. During their journey they overcome difficulties, become stronger and bolder. But what will their wishes be when they find what they seek? Possibly, quite simple…

17.00 “Ballet in the Flames of War”. director - Dun Yachun, artistic director - Nikita Mikhalkov / Russia, China / 1 h 39 min

The film is based on the events which took place in Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China in 1945. A 19 years old girl (named Э Эр) lives with her parents in a town which is occupied by Japanese forces. The girl works at a bakery run by a Russian woman Lyubov. In the end of her workdays the girl (Э Эр) practices ballet with Lyubov. But in a cruel twist of fate her town becomes one of the last battlefields of the war where Soviet-Chinese forces clash with Japanese army. A soviet lieutenant Andrey arrives at the town for a secret meeting with a Chinese agent Wang Changhua. And at this time when bloodshed and horror is everywhere and every day can be the last one, the main heroine does not stop dreaming about ballet. Against all odds she believes that one day she will become a ballet star.