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In competition

Full-length feature film

1. Truth | USA | director Eric Paul Erickson |

In a country we all know... in a time we all fear. Following a bloody revolution and civil war, former army officer Xavier Faraday is ushered into an interrogation room and chained up opposite Maria Ramses, his appointed representative for the fledgling government’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee. Offered a chance at amnesty for detailing his time at an infamous internment camp, Xavier agrees. Slowly Maria peels away the layers of the man’s life and military career, however Xavier is hiding something. But so is Maria. When the curtain is pulled back, Xavier learns he is not being offered amnesty, instead this has all been part of his interrogation. And more so, Maria is not who she seems, and she will go to any length for the information she desires. Shot entirely on the Dual Visions stages, Truth is a unique cinematic experience featuring two actors in a single space in real time. Filmed chronologically in seven days, Truth explores the human experiences of loss, evil and the depths people will go for answers and survival.
2. Two Tickets Back | Russia | director Dmitry Meskhiev |

Teenage girl, Lyuba, lives in a rural boarding school and believes she is an orphan, but accidentally finds out that she has a father who killed her mother and got into a jail 15 years ago. For a girl who grew up in heavy conditions of an orphanage the revenge is a clear decision. She manages to have a gun and do everything to meet father who is about to be released. But it seems she is not callous enough. Several hard days together, full of dramatical incidents, pursuits, violence and salvation drastically change the live of heroes. Finally, they need to make a choice, but if they are ready for that? If Lyuba and her farther could became closer each other? Could the boyfriends help Lyuba to find proper answers? Whether she can go from burning anger to forgiveness and understanding?
3. Sella Turcica | Russia | director Yusup Razykov |  

The proragonist is a former agent of the Committee for State Security (KGB) and the Federal Security Service. Now that he is a retired man, the old habit makes him to continue to spy on people who seem suspicious. Then on a beautiful day, all of a sudden he falls in love.
4. Ailing Angel | Russia | director Oksana Karas |

The former orphan Tolya Kovrigin by nickname Chukhna is 18 years old. He and his friends Kostya Sinyavy and Volodya Shkilet share the same room at Vasilyevsky Island in the most beautiful city of the Earth - Leningrad. Sinyavy enjoys life's pleasures and flirts with the girls calling them "pretty kitty." Shkilet writes poetry and dreams to get into the Military Academy. They hang out, drink wine, argue, are jealous, dance foxtrots, believe in happy future and ignore all signs of the upcoming catastrophe. White Nights of the late spring of 1940 are outside. The world is on the brink of war. And Chukhna meets the love of his life - Lyolya. Ahead there will be the front, blockade, death of the dearest and inevitable maturing growing up. And now they are young and careless. They are happy; they won't be happier ever anymore. In a quarter of the century, it turns out that far youth events have the surprising power over them and keep the secrets.
5. Winter brothers | Vinterbrødre | Denmark | Iceland | director Hlynur Palmason |  

A brother odyssey set in a worker environment during a cold winter. We follow two brothers, their routines, habits, rituals and a violent feud that erupts between them and another family.


6. The Guilty | Den skyldige | Denmark | director Gustav Möller |

When police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) is demoted to desk work, he expects a sleepy beat as an emergency dispatcher. That all changes when he answers a panicked phone call from a kidnapped woman who then disconnects abruptly. Asger, confined to the police station, is forced to use others as his eyes and ears as the severity of the crime slowly becomes more clear. The search to find the missing woman and her assailant will take every bit of his intuition and skill, as a ticking clock and his own personal demons conspire against him. 


7. Elephants Can Play Football | Russia | director Mikhail Segal | 

Dmitry is a strong willed, solid guy. He could easily quit the game, if only he knew he was playing. 


8. The Lord Eagle | Toyon kyyl | Russia | Yakutia | director Eduard Novikov |

Set in Yakutia in 1930 - a time in rural Siberia when the Soviet presence is just starting to cast its shadow - this exquisite film follows the story of an elderly couple, Mikipper and Oppuos. One morning in the midst of the coldest winter in years, Mikipper returns from attending to their cows to see that an eagle has taken up residence outside their home. Worried that the eagle may attack their animals, but fearful of hurting this sacred being, the couple presents the bird with fresh meat as an offering in hopes it will leave.

When it becomes clear the eagle isn’t going anywhere, they fear it may be a bad omen and the nearby shaman is called. He tells them the eagle’s presence is because of something Mikipper did as a youth that has made the eagle angry. Frustrated, confused, and still cautious, Mikipper and Oppuos begin to develop a unique relationship with the “lord eagle” and become accustomed to feeding and caring for the bird as a renewed sense of optimism takes hold. However, when the thaw begins, the unexpected arrival of two Soviet soldiers threatens to upend their lives and all that they hold dear.


9. Deep rivers | Russia | Kabardino-Balkaria | director Vladimir Bitokov | 

The family lives on the banks of a mountain river: an Old Man, his two sons, Bes and Mukha, and Bes's wife, Zaira. Men earn for a living by falling trees. An accident happens during one working day, and now an Old Man is not able to work. Family decides to call for help - they ask the youngest brother to come from the city, where he now lives. But no old problems between brothers were solved, so it's difficult for the family to start living together again...


Short Narrative Film

1. Good Day |  Russia | director Dasha Charusha | 18 min.

Abdul, a young driver from Central Asia, forgets all his previous problems, when a pregnant Lena jumps into his yellow taxi, with her waters about to burst. First, the young man must learn to answer to the name 'Misha' (Lena is used to it), and then – deliver the baby in extreme conditions, that is – an ordinary Moscow traffic jam. Participants in the congestion, including one foreigner and one pensioner, also have to take part in the operation.


2. Trip to Paris | Russia | director Maria Polyakova | 17 min.

It is a story of complex relations between young prisoners of Kolpino Penal colony and the administration and the guard, based on a true story, shot with the strong documental influence. This is a story about a teenage boy, who’s about to go for parole and leave the colony. He wants to get back to his normal life and family. But no one is waiting for him and no one is coming for him. Administration, inmates and workers know about it. But Max believes that his mother will wait for him at the gates of the prison. This story is about growing old, accepting unpleasant truth, about help, understanding and faith.

3. On the road | Russia | director Evelina Barsegian | 8 minutes

Running from the police in the dead of night, a robber will stop at nothing to get away. The dark of night offers him cover, but at dawn he has to make the toughest choice of his life.


4. Confession of a Misanthrope  | Russia | director Tatyana Zhukova | 25 min.

A humble college teacher wants to perform a real deed for once in his life. He spirits away a street hooligan and enchains him. Though the teacher's purpose is not a violation, but education. He will turn a scum into a Human.


5. The Real Screenplay | Russia | director Sergei Znamensky | 30 min.

The young screenwriter suddenly discovers that everything he writes comes true. And one day he becomes a prisoner of the character he created who comes to seek revenge for his dead wife. Can the screenwriter rewrite the past and change everything?


6. Without words | Russia | director Andrei Magdich | 10 min.

A man loaded an old film into a film projector and a magical past appeared on the screen. Now it has become more important than him and he was no longer in control of it ... He was in the past ... And then - something went wrong - and a film with a happy course of events - leads him to the terrible Present ... What to do?! - how to save the situation? He re-charges the scraps of film in a film projector and projects the image - right on the night sky!


7. Two Halves | Russia |  director Baibulat Batullin | 15 min.

Three days before his wedding a strange woman mysteriously follows Evgeni everywhere and sticks to him. All attempts to separate the young people are unsuccessful. But is it therefore really worth cancelling the long-awaited wedding? The groom and the bride try hard to pretend that nothing special has happened to them. However, ignoring outright that girl sticking to Evgeni becomes more and more diffi cult with every day.


8. Hand | Russia | director Igor Marchenko | 22 min.

Mikhail, a carpenter, cuts his hand by accident when rehearsing love confession. Trying to conceal a work accident, he tries to find the way to sew his hand on.



9. Typical case | Russia | director Daniil Geller | 17 min. 

A desperate therapist is visited by a very successful person trying to convince him that life is meaningless.


10. Galangal | Russia | director Maria Loyter | 15 min. 

One day in the life of a psychiatrist who specialises in suicides. Upon his decision rests which of the patients will be released and which will remain in the hospital.



11. 24H | Canada | director Marie-Lou Béland | 10 min.


Tomorrow, Samuel leaves for a long journey. His brother Nicolas wants to prevent him from leaving and "kidnaps" him for the night to make up for lost time. What will he do without his big brother?


12. Waterfall | Skógafoss | Iceland | director Niels Bourgonje | 10 min.

While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.


13. Mousse | Sweden | director John Hellberg | 42 min.


What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?


14. Voyeur | Norway | director Eirik Tveiten | 8 min.


A man looks from outside at the lonely live of a woman.

15.The Last Lullaby | Denmark | director Birgit Käsper | 10 min.

It is a short film about a family tragedy based on a true story. On a day when a ten-month-old baby took his first steps no one could imagine that the next day would be his last one, but that's exactly what happened. This story follows a young family: a firefighter, his wife, and a baby boy. When the father arrives, his worst nightmares are confirmed, in the most horrific way, the little life is gone. The everyday hero, devoted to his family and dedicated to saving the lives of strangers, had to face the reality of death once again, but this time around in a very personal way.

16. Pearl | USA, Kazakhstan | director Alma Baimuratova | 17 min.

It is a short film about a collision of pain: Emotional and Physical. The hospice nurse discovers in her newest cancer patient her long-lost-love, 20 years later... On a scale of 0 to 10 how would you rate your pain level? Margaret has devoted her life to comforting terminally ill patients as a hospice nurse. But when her newest cancer patient turns out to be her long-lost-love from 20 years ago, her inner longing comes into conflict with the physical pain of her dying former-lover. As he struggles to accept his terminal condition, Margaret wrestles with a cancer of her own - the false nostalgia of the past.


17. One last night without sadness | Canada | director Eric Valiquette | 15 min.

Fleeing the temptations of thecity, two young «marginals» squat a cabin in the heart of the forest. 


18. My name is Makhaz  | Abkhazia |  director Inar Narmania | 15 min.

The plot unwinds in the Soviet time Sukhumi of the 70s. A young guy Makhaz comes over to the city, and thanks to his brilliant drawing skills easily enters the Sukhumi School of Art. However, as the character claims, he couldn’t make it to graduation because of falling in love. The movie tells a story of hardship he goes through after meeting his beloved one.


19. Superprize | Russia | director Konstantin Chelidze | 14 min.


The security guard won a car at the lottery, which isn’t appreciated by anybody except him. However the winner knows how to make everybody love it.


20. Salam | USA | director Claire Fowler | 14 min.

A female Lyft driver navigates the night shift in New York City while waiting to hear life-or-death news from her family in Syria.

Documentary film

 Arctic expeditions


1. The Great North Route | Russia | director Leonid Kruglov | 74 min.

It is a film-expedition with a unique, most difficult and beautiful route - in the Russian Arctic. Attempt to reconstruct and repeat the path of the legendary pioneer Semen Dezhnev, the first in the 17th century who defeated the “necessary cape” and opened the strait between Asia and America. Ten thousand kilometers through the harsh and majestic expanses of the north, acquaintance with its indigenous peoples and an ode to the noble spirit of research, that spectators will surely catch.


2. It's Not Silence | Finland | director  Joonas Salo | 25 min.

In the isles of Svalbard is a small town called Pyramiden that was the finest model of communism


3. One day of Vladimir Petrovich  |  Russia | director Alexander Trofimov | 33 min.

Forgotten Stalin's GULAG camps, the tragedies of the 90s, love and miraculous salvation. Everything is intertwined in "One Day, Vladimir Petrovich." Historical and ethnographic expedition on the yacht "Saint Peter" for one day stopped at the mouth of the river Ponoy on the White Sea.

4. Yūgen | Canada, Chile, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, United States | director Rafael Pease | 56 min.

Yūgen is a 3-year borderless mountain-based documentary film that explores the connection we as mountaineers and environmentalists share with the natural world. Following the journey of snowboard mountaineer Rafael Pease and crew as they travel throughout the corners of the world, trudging gear into unseen locations the crew works tirelessly to capture the true essence of being one with the mountain. Experiencing the most unique untold stories of the ecological conscious that resides deep in the soul of the mountains, told through the perspective of legendary humans who coincide in these very places. 

5. UseLess | Denmark, Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom | directors Rakel Gardarsdottir, Ágústa M. Olafsdottir | 50 min.

 In the documentary, UseLess, the presenter we follow a young mother, Viktoría through a journey to find out why we, the humans, waste so much. The film will present a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way. By the end of the film people will be on the edge of their seats, gripped by this haunting message of how much danger this waste is to the world. The documentary is presented in a positive and solution focused manner

   Films dedicated to the great explorers of the Arctic


1. Vladimir Arsenyev's Far Eastern Odyssey | Russia | director Ivan Golovnev | 26 min.

The film features some original archive photos and texts bya famous explorer of the Far Eastand writer Vladimir K. Arsenyev (author of the DERSU UZALA and other novels), many of which have not been published before.

2. Etudes in the ice of the artist Borisov | Russia | director Sergey Pochin | 39 min.

The film is dedicated to a unique artist, a man who was named the second Lomonosov. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, the only painter who repeatedly visited the Arctic and wrote sketches in the ice, was Alexander Alekseevich Borisov. It was he who first began the program of artistic development of the Arctic. His name was unfairly forgotten, although before the revolution his paintings were actively exhibited in the most famous museums of the world. / Суперприз

Nature reserves

1. Swan Paradise | Russia | director Evgeny Bezborodov | 39 min.

There are only 2 Swan reserves in Russia. One of them is located in Chukotka, where swans spend the summer. Another - in the Altai region,where they arrive for the winter. The unique birds that have chosen to live 2 of these places, and the people who protect and protect - the main theme of the film. 2 Swan Paradise - one wild, created by nature, the other-man-made, supported by man. 2 territories, where the fairy tale about the beautiful Swan Princess turns into a true story. 2 elements-summer and winter, looped in one circle of life...

2. 4 seasons of Prioksky forest | Russia | director Mikhail Rodionov | 43 min.

Countryside and surrounding of Prioksko-Terrasny reserve is usual for Central Russia area. The movie reveals the secret life of the forest within one year starting spring time. Miracle of awakening, flourishing and fading of wild life is shown.
3. Ghosts of The Arctic | Svalbard and Jan Mayen | director Abraham Joffe | 7 min.

Ghosts of the Arctic follows the journey of Polar Photographer Joshua Holko through the frozen expanse of Svalbard. He seeks to encounter and photograph the majestic polar bear on foot, something rarely attempted
4. White Wolves – Ghosts of the Arctic | Canada | director Oliver Goetzl | 55 min.

At the very northern edge of Canada is Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through the tundra, dipping temperatures to 40 below zero. Running through this shifting sea of snow and ice is one of the most hardened predators on the planet, the Arctic Wolf. But as the spring melt approaches, these roaming hunters must adapt to being tethered parents as new additions to the pack have just been born. With never-before-seen footage of wolf family life, Ghosts of the Arctic is a dramatic and touching story of loyalty, companionship and devotion. It’s an epic true tale that reveals the struggles and triumphs of a family working to survive in one of the last great wildernesses on Earth
5. Sarapanta – Chasing the Northern Lights | USA | director Cristiano Saturno | 43 min.

I went to Alaska on the hunt for the Northern Lights. I had to collect the voices of people that wander amidst those dramatic nocturnal delights. That place is utterly perfect to have your mind wavering between heaven and earth. How is it like to live in a place where the sky is stormed with poetry

6. Noseyka. The youngest daughter. | Russia | director Vladimir Marin | 44 min.

The meeting of the giant inhabitant of the free nature of the Arctic with people is always a bright, unusual event. Once the walrus Nesika got sick and was forced to come to the people for help. The ancient Indian saying and Russian fairy tales say the same thing: if you save an animal from death, it will never forget it. Is it so? The answer to the question in this movie.


I live here. People of the Arctic.

1. My Homeland Tales | Russia | director Sofia Gorlenko | 79 min.

My Homeland Tales is a film about the resuscitated magic of the North where the human being stands a challenge: to believe in reality of things unreal and to preserve the islets of the old world. The film is based on the documentary history of the inhabitants of Kenozero, product of an ethnological study of the mythology of the North. Vasili Popov, the protagonist of the film, his sister Nadezhda and his brother Nikolai, feel themselves lost in the contemporary, fast-changing world where the centenary traditions of their homeland vanish without a trace, and even their family home turned into a pile of stones. The film shows the oral legends of the Russian North and the traditions and the world view of people who live there. Water spirits, forest spirits, wandering icons, sorcerers live in their own world that parallels ours. The protagonist, already old, doubting the truthfulness of his life, is obliged to follow their magic paths to find his own answers.

2. Terra | Russia, Yamal | director Julia Kushnarenko | 30 min.

In 2012, the Bovanenkovo oil and gas industrial complex earned in the very heart of the Yamal Peninsula. The indigenous tribes of reindeer herders pass through this industrial zone, because this is the only way to summer pastures, to the Kara Sea. This is the story of people whose destinies are closely connected with the lands on which they live and with the traditions of their ancestors, but their future and even the present becomes increasingly fragile and unreliable with the advent of civilization.
3. The Tent | Russia | director Dmitry Fetisov | 17 min. 

The city's improvement department wants to eradicate the boot repair shop of the Azad Babaev. Only the eastern mantras of the poet Nizami can save a shoemaker.

4. A Waiting | Russia | director Anastasia Novikova | 11 min.

In a huge aquarium among the laughter and smiles rejoicing the lives of people lost a young man named Danya. He has autism, he is rejected by society, he is alone in a huge crowd who does not want to notice his existence. But from morning until late evening, Danya patiently waits for her, Juliet, the one by which he is no longer alone. In the movie “Waiting”, we, together with Daney, experience one day from his difficult life, to see that being in an ocean of indifference a person cannot lose what is in the very depths of his soul - the ability to love.
5. Common cause | Russia | director Nikolai Gilyarov | 28 min.

This film is a modern portrait of the Russian North through the story about the volunteer project “Common Cause. Revival of wooden temples of the North". The project brings together people seeking to preserve the ancient shrines of Orthodoxy of the Russian North. Until now, there you can find amazingly beautiful wooden sights. During the years of Soviet power, many churches were burned, given to clubs and warehouses. During the eleven years of the project, 270 expeditions were conducted, during which 350 temples and chapels were surveyed; 137 carried out the work.
6. Grass Roots | Russia | director Konstantin Davydkin | 58 min.

The idiom "grass roots" often used as an international term of grassroots civic activity. The film was shot during the whole of 2017 - in Russia it was proclaimed the Year of Ecology, but in fact, environmental violations only increased, and the activists had to fight, as before. “GRASS ROOTS” explores three bright cases of environmental struggle - in Karelia, in Krasnodar and in the Voronezh Region. The film answers the main questions facing ecological activists.

7. Of Huge and Small | Russia | Germany | director Artem Funk | 25 min.

The film portrays a young human rights activist in Russian Murmansk, who shares her thoughts and feelings about her “active life position” in the current days.
8. A Life from Death | Finland | director TuuliTeelahti | 20 min.

In a hospice, every day is somebody's last day alive. The sheets are changed, and someone else brought in to die. Before the end, hands are held, and there is time for coffee. And for some of us, all this dying is just the usual everyday life.
9. Quiet | Norway | director David Krøyer | 20 min.

Quiet observes the animals on a farm; an environment where different breeds of animals have different virtues, hence different levels of freedom. How do they cope with this freedom, and what about those unable to adapt to these circumstances?
10. Harmony | Russia | director Lydia Sheinin | 62 min.

In need for a caregiver, an isolated old woman is forced to share her flat with her granddaughter and four great-grandchildren. It's a chance to breathe a new life into the existence filled with calcified memories of the past, but her Grand Piano stands in the way...