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Full-length feature film

1.Once upon / Эдуард Парри / Moscow / 1 h 27 min

In a dying village in the Russian middle of nowhere, three people have remained: two lonely seniors and a recent widow. One of the old men decides to put an end to his loneliness and propose to the widow, but the other one won't have it because he wants to stake his own claim. This means war between the two old timers. 

2. Pagans / Лера Суркова / Moscow / 1 h 33 min

Script by Anna Yablonskaya (written for a stage play). It is trying to figure out some difficult matters on religion and beliefs with a non-extremist but still very free approach. The action takes place in a Russian flat where lives one standard non-religious family, starting with a sudden arrival of an Orthodox Christian grandma; a drama of a teenager with broken heart comes out as the girl protests the blind belief in a God’s miracle. A spectator is being immersed in an authentic way of one family’s life which is interrupted by mystic happenings and it all finally ends up in a mass insanity. 

 3. The Net / Александра Стреляная / Moscow / 1 h 17 min

A young man arrives in a village on the White Sea. He comes in search of a girl who ran away from the city without saying goodbye. An old man from among the locals offers to show him the way. Neither the young man nor the old imagine what trials await them along the way.

4. The Forest / Роман Жигалов / Moscow / 1 h 37 min

Danila is sixteen. Katya is twice his age. He spends hours watching her out of the corner of his eye from an old shed on the edge of the forest. He does not even think about trying to be with her until Danila's father shows up on Katya's doorstep in an attempt to run away from his avalanching problems. Father and son are drawn into a turmoil of events where neighbor turns against neighbor, dividing the community into "us" and "them". The strong show more and more disregard and contempt the weak, pushing everyone's life towards a disaster.

5. Three Days Till The Spring / Александр Касаткин / St. Petersburg / 1 h 40 min

During the siege of Leningrad a Nazi bombshell destroyed the storage of Experimental medicine institute where deadly dangerous viruses were kept.  Leningrad faces the bacterial catastrophe and only 3 day before the spring comes are left. Doctor Maritskaya and an NKWD officer Andreew are trying to save the city.

 6. A Childhood We've Never Known / Алексей Романов / Yakutsk / 2 h 9 min

The film is based on a novel by a classic of Yakut literature Nikolay Mordinov-Amma Atchigiya.  The film is set in 1917 in Yakutia and depicts the life of the Sakha people on the verge of the Russian Revolution. This is a story of a 9-year-old boy Mikita, who is growing up following authentic ways of his ancestors. Mikita comes of age early, side-by-side with adults he learns the tough life of Yakut cattle-farmers, when every single day is a struggle for survival. The boy spends most of his time with his grandmother; together they share cold, hunger, and all the wear and tear of life. Being a guardian of native culture and tradition, she sets Mikita on the right path, which helps him to adequately assess his feelings, experiences, and actions.


Short feature film

7. River is nothing / Алиса Хмельницкая / Arkhangelsk / 29 min

Nadia, musically gifted 13 year old teenager lives on an island village in North Dvina river. She is in love with her neighbor Misha, the boatman. Nadia and Misha are making business by selling goods from Arkhangelsk at villages.   Once a music teacher Vera Sergeevna finds out about Nadia's gift.  Misha is taking Nadia by boat to get music lessons  Misha fells in love with Vera Sregeevna. Nadia is jealous. She needs to choose between her talent and her feelings.    

8. Chocolate wind / Илья Антоненко / St. Petersburg / 24 min

Lonely and indecisive 18 years old Alla feels like a Cinderella dreaming to escape from the poverty and shabbiness of the environment. Her old friend Masha, who is fairly reckless, finds Alla in Skype and like a fairy suggests her making all the dreams come true…
9. ANNA & VANO. BATHROOM & WINE / Алекс Некто / Russia Georgia / 29 min

Vano is the son of a Georgian wine maker, but he lives in Moscow from early childhood, and therefore he has completely forgotten family traditions. When luck turns its back on him, and the hoodlums from the bank demand payment, Vano has to start making the wine in the bath of a rented apartment. Starting to press the grapes, he hears the voices of the ancestors and begins to relate to his work with all his heart. And the young wine begins to respond to him. Soon Vano realizes the wine is magical and it starts to affect his life.

10. Clover field / Наталья Тумова / Moscow / 11 min

After the catastrophe people live in the underground bunkers, it is strictly forbidden to go out. Young Mia meets a man who inspires her to escape and risk everything. But her father will do everything to stop her.

11. Lost Face / Sean Meehan / Canada / Australia / USA (Los Angeles) / 15 min

Russian America.  The mid 1800’s.  Fur thief Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him.  He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain...

12. Last Base / Aslak Danbolt / Norway / UK (London) /15 min

Joachim is retiring from base-jumping to become a father for the first time, but first he will stop at nothing to pull off his very last jump.

13. Verdensvevde Kropper (World Wide Woven Bodies) / Truls Krane Meby / Norway (Tromsø) / 16 min   

At the end of the 90s the Internet comes to Northern Norway and coincides with the sexual awakening of young Mads (12). The introduction of porn into his life complicates his relationship to his parents, and their house becomes a minefield filled with uncomfortable interactions.


14. Outside / David Javid Zaidov / UK (London) / 15 min

A short retelling of the final days of the British expedition to the South Pole in 1912. Captain Scott and his men have reached the Antarctic flats, days away from help, they're struggling: one of the men, Oates, is injured, frostbitten and worsening by the day. With the team running out of supplies and fuel and the temperature continuing to drop, Oates has to decide whether to carry on or find another way to save the expedition.

15. Le nom que tu portes / Hervé Demers / Canada (Montreal) /15 min

When Vlace is suspended for hitting a classmate, Sasha is called to come get his son at school and has no choice but to take him along on his delivery route. During this intimate journey, we discover what provoked Vlace’s uncharacteristic act, as father and son find their way toward a new understanding.

16. White / DavidMoya / UK (London) / 15 min    

White Man arrives to the Transition Centre Plus after dying of food poisoning in a cruise. There he is informed that he cannot be white in his next life. This triggers a ridiculous but insightful conversation about what it is to be white and its undeserved privileges.

17. Prodigal son / Синчугова Оксана / Kazan / 20 min

On the feast of Easter a family: father, mother, adult daughter and coming godmother - frees a long time vacant room of their son for a lodger. The topic pops up in everyday life and frank conversations, forbidden and painful for this family, whose tranquility, Nadya - the daughter, tries to preserve. Active, strong-willed, she takes important decisions on herself, convinced that she can awaken love of parents who can not recover from the son's departure to the cult.

18. Birdie / Николай Флотский / Arkhangelsk / 6 min
What is the essence of life? How often do we wander in our imaginary illusions? Is there something above the human? The one-shot film "Birdie" reveals a moment of the artist’s life, who is caught by the power of the irrational and incomprehensible. In pursuit of it he almost loses something real and meaningful.

19. Pure sight /  Наталья Назарова / Moscow / 22 min

Marina works in the salon of optics. A young man, Igor, who loves her, decides to combine the purchase of glasses with a proposal of the hand and heart. However, he is waiting for a surprise - Marina offers to part. Why? Igor is waiting for the worst - a new man, domestic fatigue, his lack of financial stability, but the answer is literally "kills" him. She does not like men with glasses. In her opinion, glasses are worn by those who are afraid to look to the future. Their conversation is accidentally heard by the client Love. She is outraged by this ophthalmologic "racism". She tries to calm Igor, praising his appearance. Surprising business - Marina the truth begins to see something in Igor. The last pair of glasses reveals the eyes - her Igor is really beautiful! But alas, it's too late. Love and Igor go together. Marina remains alone and hundreds of pairs of new glasses are looking at her, waiting for her master.
20. The Fusillade / Александр Андреев / St. Petersburg / 28 min

1919. In a lonely hut in the middle of the taiga, winters old, and her granddaughter Palaskas. They are awaiting the girl's father from world war II. The soldier returns, but there comes not one. Behind him, in their lives breaks war. Dedicated to 100-anniversary of the October revolution and Civil war in Russia.

Documentary film

21. TERIBERKA.LIVE / Юлия Варенцова / Moscow / 41 min

Teriberka - a small village on the shores of the Barents Sea has become famous thanks to the "Leviathan" film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, and it's immediately become a symbol of Russian backwoods and hopelessness. But Boris Akimov, an entrepreneur, has come to an unexpected conclusion after watching the film. He decided to take advantage of Teriberka most important potential - the current fame and breathe life in this village. He wanted to arrange new aqua farms, cafes with local sea urchins, cods and mussels, hotels, festival of contemporary art and windmills. In general, he wanted to make Teriberka a paradise. "And if we succeed, it'll be an excellent example of how to turn the history of this place in another direction - to restart life in the most distant and dying settlements of the country" the entrepreneur says. So, will he and his team succeed? 


22. THIS IS ALL MINE / Даниил Бондарь / Moscow / 1 h 49 min

In 1967 thousands of motorcyclist went on an expansive motorcycle ride, Rodina Rally, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution in the USSR. A black and white documentary was created on this tour that crossed 1/6 of the country. The grandson of the film maker managed to find this filmstrip in archives. He then called his friends to make a sequel to his grandfathers film. So almost a half century later an attempt was made to repeated the route of 1967 on a Russian motorcycle called a Ural. Why does the original footage beat the modern picture? Why do we want to live better, but end up with the same as the past? Why do Russian motorcycles and roads go bad? These are a few challenges faced by the travelers from Sakhalin to Saint Petersburg.

23. GESLO. "Disappeared" expedition / Владимир Непевный / St. Petersburg / 1 h

"GESLO" - in this abbreviation of five letters one of the brightest and "closed" is encrypted; pages in the history of the Russian Arctic. The hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean, carried out in the early 20th century from 1910 to 1915, made the last great geographical discovery - discovered the Northern Earth (then the Land of Emperor Nicholas II) and the first passed the Northern Sea Route from east to west, from Vladivostok to Arkhangelsk, overwintering at Cape Chelyuskin. In Soviet times, the history of this expedition was hushed up or falsified. The reason is Kolchak's participation in its organization and the emigration of most of the officers after the revolution. The most productive and most prosperous of the Arctic expeditions of the beginning of the century turned out to be a "vanished" one; from the history. The film was created on the basis of unique archive materials - diaries.

24. "Expedition to the edge of the earth ("We are alive yet ... ")" / Альберт Самойлов / Khabarovsk / 32 min   

A documentary about Stepan Krasheninnikov and his expedition to Kamchatka in 1737-41. 260 years ago there was published an alarm copy "Description of the Kamchatka land, composed by Stepan Krasheninnikov, Academy of Sciences Professor". "- Know your Fatherland in all its limits," - such a covenant left the descendants of Nestor Russian ethnography Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov, who opened for Russia the peninsula of Kamchatka - the country of Itelmen and Kamchadals. And do we know our Fatherland in the beginning of the 21st century, how do the descendants of those whom the scientist described and saw live? Why and who oppresses the local population in remote corners of Kamchatka?

25. Kuvayev's territory / Светлана Быченко / Moscow / 1 32 min

The documentary  film about on the cult novel by writer-geologist Oleg Kuvaev "Territory" and celebrating the pioneers of the gold of Chukotka and Kolyma.

26. GERMS OF COMMUNISM / Юрий Ерофеев / Murmansk/ 37 min

The dream of the mankind about a just society was embodied in the idea of communism. But why are ideals so far away from reality? How did the epoch-making revolutionary events of 1917 affect the inhabitants of the Russian province in 2017? The authors of the film draw historical parallels between the events in Petrograd and nowadays life in the village of Varzuga of the Murmansk region.

27. The last waltz / Юлия Бобкова / Moscow / 1 h 20 min    

This film is about Oleg Karavaichuk, eccentric musical genius and famous St. Petersburg composer, who takes his final stroll through Komarovo, a bay-side summer community just outside St. Petersburg where he spent his whole life and wrote most of his works. His final piece, “The Komarovo Waltz”, unveiled here for the very first time, was written as a tribute to the place. The film is the reclusive composer’s eulogy to the community. It also serves as Karavoichuk’s farewell to audience as well as his last address and reminder of things that are truly important – love for your fellow man and virgin nature.    

28. Polar Brotherhood / Никита СнеговMoscow / 56 min 

"Polar Brotherhood" - a film about the cooperation of the Soviet and British air forces in the sky over Murmansk in September-November 1941. The British Prime Minister, having learned of Germany's attack on the USSR, offered assistance and ordered the dispatch of military equipment, including British Hurricane aircraft, as well as 400 military specialists: pilots, engineers and technicians to the Dervish in the first convoy of the Dervish allies. The compound was called the 151st air wing. His tasks included participation in the defense of the Arctic, as well as assistance in the development of aircraft by the Soviet military. The operation was called "The Power of Benedict". The allies arrived at the port of Arkhangelsk - Bakarica. It is about this operation that the film tells.

29. Welcome to Piramida / Иван Твердовский / Moscow / 40 min

Three people in a remote canned Piramida miner's settlement on the island of Spitsbergen realize the fantastic idea of a high authority, about the creation of a large center of Arctic tourism in the village.

30. DISSERNET: THE EVOLUTION OF ALTRUISM / Дмитрий Завильгельский / Moscow/ 51 min

Using the framework of the DISSERNET anti-plagiarism movement, we show the link between behavior and genes, and demonstrate that altruism and egoism coexist in people, animals, and even bacteria.

31. Liza under the Influence / Саломея Бауэр / Moscow / 46 min

Liza dreams to become an actress. But an unplanned event changes everything, ruining her strict plan - she waits for the baby to be born. Her boyfriend, Zhenya, is ready for everything for her and hopes that they still can become a family someday. But Liza is under the influence.

32. Arkhangelsk ringtones Norstein / Владимир Лойтер / Arkhangelsk / 42 min

In 2015 in Arkhangelsk came the famous guest, the author of the famous image "Hedgehog in the fog" - the famous Soviet animated filmmaker Yuri Norshtein. Author Vladimir Loiter observed a brilliant director in an informal atmosphere. Used a lot of amateur photography. Thanks to this, it turned out a very touching, sincere image of the director. Norshtein is judging about music, art, and painting.

33. LONDON AFLOAT / Глория Аура Бортолини / Italy (Rome) / 30 min

Living on a boat in the heart of London. A landscape where the boundaries between urban and rural are blurred, populated by people who live out of conventional society. Rich people live on the river Thames, while on the Regent's canal you find those who can't afford a flat. Only one thing unites them: the love for nature and freedom. Everything else divides them. Observing them everyday in their habits, getting to know them, and finally describing them with a documentary that is the portrait of an unusual London and of an increasingly popular lifestyle.

34. The Competition / Евгений Ховаев / Moscow / 44 min

In 2015 took place XV international contest named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. In the nomination "piano" for prize-winning places fought from 36 pianists, and four of them became heroes of the documentary film "The Competition". These musicians are the representatives of different countries. Only recently started professional music lessons Frenchman Lucas Debargue. Lukas Geniušas, the successor of the glorious family musical tradition. A very young Chinese American George Lee. And almost never known a native of Ulan-Ude – Dmitry Masleev. These pianists have different destinies, different creative ways, but they share a love of music and desire to win the prestigious competition.

35. 24 Snow / Mikhail Barynin / Moscow / 1 32 min    

Intolerable climate of the Arctic part of Yakutia. Permafrost. Most of the year the temperature is always negative and the ground is always cold. In winter the temperature reaches minus 65C below zero. There is no telephone or electricity. The lack of roads complicates travelling around. Living in such conditions is associated with daily struggles with the environment and yourself. Hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest settlement, one can count only on himself. These harsh lands attract people who look for freedom and independence.  Our hero is a horse-breeder, most of the year he lives in the mountains looking after the horses. Feeling like an outsider in his own house, Sergei almost lost touch with his family and he doesn't see his children grow up. Every year, Sergei spends more and more time away from the village and sees his family a few times a year: on a Horse-breeders’ Day and when he brings food (meat) home.  Harsh living conditions of the North make the man to make a really hard choice and se

36. Da byen ble stille / Erik Smith-Meyer / Norway (Tromsø) / 55 min

Tromsø is a peaceful little town in the Arctic. The people who live here are known to be open-minded and hospitable. And they like to socialize. You easily make friends with them. But if you ask them what happened during the war, to the Jewish families that lived here, they all become silent. And if you ask them why this was the first place where Jews were arrested, they all become silent. And they still are today. Nobody tells it to their children, nobody tells it in school. No book says anything about it, no local newspaper. Therefore, it was a big shock for the middle-aged director Erik Smith Meyer when he by coincidence learned that his great-grandfather was the major of Tromsø, and a Nazi. Why had nobody told him? (70 years had passed since the war ended). When he turns to his family, and to his friends, they are all quiet. The town is still quiet. The fact is, that in Tromsø, lived the northern most Jewish colony in the world, consisting of 7 families. They were well integrated in the city life, culture, sport and business, after escaping from terror in Russia and Eastern Europe 30 years before. The Nazis managed to not only erase them, but also the memory of them. In Norway we have a saying: ”hidden, but not forgotten" meaning that we shall not speak unnecessary about thing that happened during the war, but we shall learn from them. Now we must ask: Have we learned from them? Do they not happen again? So the big question arises: Have we hidden it to well? Must we break the silence to prevent it from happen again in our peaceful little town?

37. Gatherers of sea grass / Мария Мурашова / FranceRussia (Moscow) / 1 h 10 min

Once village Rebolda on the edge of the Big Solovetsky island was inhabited. Now it comes back to life only once a year, in the summer, when brigade of seasonal workers comes here to gather sea weed for the Archangelsky weed factory. On a low tide they go to the sea on their wooden boats and scythe sea weed with their long-stalk scythes. Than they hang it on barbed wire and dry it. When workers leave, only one person remains on the island – keeper with his dog. He will live here until next May, when brigade comes back.

38. Alone with Wolves / Василий Сарана / St. Petersburg / 43 min

Most of us have seen this animal only in photographs and have never encountered it in the wild. When we hear the word "wolf", we imagine a stereotyped scary and blood-thirsty beast that has no mercy.  But are they really like that? Or, perhaps, humans have stuck this stigma on wolves unfairly? To investigate the true nature of wolves two naturalists are going to the most remote corner of Siberia, to those secluded, truly wild places, where nature lives its primeval life, to the Putorana Plateau, a place where wolves have never seen human-beings. The naturalists will spend 9 months on the Putorana Plateau, in the true “kingdom of wolves”. Will they be able to see these cautious, intelligent and secretive masters of this severe land? Will they be able to dispel the myth about the "blood-thirsty killers"? Searching for the wolves and their dens is a real gamble …

39. SOLENS SON /Gunilla Bresky / Sweden, Norway / 59 min

Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (1943-2001) is the most diverse and famous Sami artist who ever lived. He was born into a family of traditional reindeer herders in north of Finland, but he chose to become an artist as he could not kill reindeers. Nils-Aslak, or Ailu as he was called, wrote poetry end he painted. He renewed the Sami yoik, which had been banned by Christianity. He had concerts all over the world. He had great success in everything he did, but one day he was hit by a terrrible accident… In Son of the Sun, director Gunilla Bresky offers us a finely crafted portrait of Ailu, who largely personified both the struggle and regained pride of the Sami culture during the second half of the 20th century. "He had an incredible power to awaken Sami pride. Everything that we had lost. We never had the chance to learn to write in our own language. Suddenly we didn’t have to be ashamed to be Samis", says his friend Synnøve Persen in the film.

40. Man's choice / Елена Демидова / Norway / Finland Russia (Moscow) / 1 h

This film tells us three stories about men extracting natural gas on the Yamal Peninsula. They are forced to leave their families for a long time to be able to support them. And one day they have to decide whether earned money is worth all the problems with families. Each of them makes his own choice.

41. Kvar song eisoge (Every Song a Story) / Aaslaug Vaa / Norway (Haverringen) /1 11 min

Over centuries, lay songs have had a central place in Norwegian culture. This film is about a small community, high up in the mountains near Hardangervidda, where this musical tradition is understood and continued to this day.   Through these songs, people around Møsvatn create meaningful stories about their lives, forming connections between past and future, memory and anticipation. Through constant interaction – from daily life to special occasions, from the cradle to the grave – songs are used to retell old stories while creating new ones, keeping a heritage alive and evolving.

42. Karenina & I / Tommaso Mottola / Norway / 1 h 25 min

Norwegian actress Gørild Mauseth is challenged by the almost impossible task of playing Anna Karenina in a language she never spoke and in the author's home country. She embarks on a journey to learn Russian and discover the real reasons why Tolstoy (Liam Neeson) wrote the novel. What Gørild does not know is that Anna Karenina will become the role of her life and change her forever.
43. The Law of Survival / Max Royz / Canada (Ottawa) / 40 min

In 1990 an American pilot Anne Noggle went to the USSR to meet the Soviet Army Air Force veterans, the women ever to fly combat missions. Anne was so impressed by their stories that after returning to the USA she published a book “A Dance with Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II”.  Anne was absolutely right, every flight was a dance with the death and a chance of survival for those women was always the same, 50-50. One of these pilots was Polina Gelman, the only Jewish woman who was decorated with Gold Star Hero of the Soviet Union. According to the Red Army regulations, a bomber could receives Gold Star of the Hero only making a hundred successful military missions. Since 1942 to 1945 Polina Gelman’s flight log recorded 869 combat flights, 1300 hours in the air and 113 tons of bombs released .
44. Sacred / Анастасия Лапсуй / Маркку Лехмускаллио / Finland / 1 h 14 m
When we say: "Holy", we means everything that relates to the Divine, to the truths of faith, to the objects of supreme veneration, worship, it is something spiritually and morally  pure. Each person has his own sacred. Holy things of north pagan is distant for Christian. Where is start of holy? What is it? It is difficult question, and  it is impossible to answer. In the documentary film "Holy", the authors posed five questions. Do the earth, mother, man, church, power sacred? It can be said in a word. The mother is the most sacred for a person, what can be on earth. What is the sacred land? And the man himself? Is there a sacred power? These questions are answered by different people, everyone has his own vision, his own holy. 

Short documentary film

45. Agata on the way / Анна Баданина / Norway (Tromso) / 15 min

A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts Agata Sulikovska on the question "are you happy?" Clearly chop: "no." She has been living in the North of Norway for 4 years. He gets up at dawn, listens to Chopin and draws. The artist photographs people in bars, and then recreates the plot with colors on the canvas. In the evenings he works as a waiter and feels a "splinter" in his heart - it's time to leave. Almost eight years Agatha lived in a trailer, traveling around the world with her friend and cat, a rabid Irish root. He played the guitar, she wrote pictures and sent them to Poland for an auction. The pair was in France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, a year they traveled around South America using bicycles, it was romantic and dangerous ...

46. Pomor women / Анна Каторина / St. Petersburg / 26 min

Pomors has inhabited the coast of the White Sea since ancient times. All their life was inseparably associated with the sea. From sea they accepted gifts. To sea they sacrificed.  Pomor women  - faithful companion of fishermen.  Until now they live in small villages on the White Sea shore. But crafts are disappearing. Pomor women are going. The film is telling the story of the last Pomor women.

47. I Thought I Told You To Shut Up! / Charlie Tyrell / Canada (Toronto) / 13 min.

In 1977 David Boswell created comic book anti-hero Reid Fleming, the World’s Toughest Milkman. 30 years later, the big screen Hollywood adaptation remains in contractual limbo. Narrated by Academy Award-Winner Jonathan Demme.

48Chandra / AsmitaShrish, Fateme Ahmadi / South Korea / China Nepal UK (Hereford) / 15 min

Little Chandra walks through earthquake-hit Kathmandu with his grandfather, to visit his mother and newborn sibling in hospital. What awaits them at the end?

49Hjertefølgerne (The Heart Followers) / Tord Theodor Olsen / Norway (Bodø) / 10 min

Inside a glass dome in Northern Norway, lives a family of five. In the inhospitable Arctic climate the Heart Followers have found their unique way of life. In the garden around the little house, they grow their own food all year round. In this nature friendly shelter, they are protected from all kinds of weather, and lives in harmony with the spectacular surroundings, and the elves in the forest.

50. Arktisk velonaut / Tamara Sushko / Sweden (Boden) /18 min

Urpo Taskinen, 60 years old, from a city of Juoqsengi, near the pool circle. He sold his car long ago, stopped flying in the 90's. He had decided to get on a bike. His mission to show that it is possible to contribute as a single person to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  Urpo ride  Velomobile to the climate meeting in France.

51. Land of Udehe / Иван Головнев / Ekaterinburg / 26 min

This film takes us into the world of Udehe – indigenous people of the Far East of Russia. According to the census of 2010 their population dropped to 1,490 souls…

52. Arctic. The Underwater AliensАнтон Соболевский / Moscow / 52 min

Russian Arctic. Terra Incognita. What we know about it?  Almost nothing. Extreme cold. Ice. Polar bears. Seals. That’s it.  But there’s a rich life in Arctic underwater and it is full of fantastic life forms and creatures. Some of them are just aliens from  the deep  space. Discover this unique underwater world for the first time ever.