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Regulations of the I International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN»

General provision

Paragraph 1

The idea of the I International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» is to unite the filmmakers from the countries of the Arctic Territories, to acquaint the Arkhangelsk audience with the outstanding achievements of the cinematographers of the eight Arctic countries - holders of a rich cinematographic culture.
The festival is intended to become a kind of reference point for the movement to the North, to the Arctic, an indicator of a reasonable and careful attitude to this unique territory; increase the status of Arkhangelsk as the cultural and educational capital of the Arctic.
Countries participating: Russia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, USA.

Organization of the Festival
Paragraph 2

I International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN»(IFFAC) is held by the Pomor cultural fund «Bereginya» with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Arkhangelsk Region and sponsors. The executive body is the Directorate of the IFFAC «ARCTIC OPEN»

Program of the Festival
Paragraph 3

The festival program includes:

Program (competition)

Creative meetings of Russian and foreign cinematographers with the audience

Special screening of the films of the People's Republic of China

Master classes in crowdfunding

Strategic Session

Educational program

Business program

The program of amateur films and TV programs "Bereginya"

Press conference

The program of the V International Festival of amateur and professional films and TV programs "Bereginya. Together into the future! "(2016)

The cultural program

Paragraph 4

Those wishing to present the film for participation in the I International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» must fill in the registration form(the entry form) on the website of the Pomor cultural fund «Bereginya»   -

Selection of films for participation in the IFFAC is carried out by a selection committee.

The deadline for applications is October 1, 2017.

The works, created not earlier than 2016, are accepted for participation in the International and National competitions. Preference is given to films that reveal the themes of the development of national culture, the formation of personality and the search for spiritual and moral orientations in a modern, globalizing world; cooperation between nature and man. Mainly, attraction of attention to natural, historical and cultural objects of the Arctic, in particular to the potential of the Arkhangelsk region; to the culture and traditions of small indigenous peoples of the North; creative activity of man in the Arctic.

The program of screenings of films at the festival is approved by the Directorate of the International Film of Arctic countries Festival "ARCTIC OPEN".


Paragraph 5

The following nominations were approved for the international competition of the International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» :
1. Full-length film from 60 minutes
2. Short films up to 30 minutes
3. Documentary films

Demonstration copies of films should be provided in the original language and with English (or Russian) subtitles. One author can submit one work to one nomination.One and the same competitive work can not be presented in different nominations.

Works are accepted strictly until 00:00 on October 1, 2017.


Paragraph 6

The filled-in application (entry-form) for each submitted film, confirming participation in the IFFAC, must be received by the Directorate no later than October 1, 2017.

After confirming the participation of a film in competiton, the following documents in English and Russian(if possible) should be sent to IFFAC "Arctic open":

- Subtitle or dialog sheet in English and Russian(if possible);

- Materials for the catalog (in addition to information provided in the application) - a short creative biography of the director, photographs of the director, filmography, screenshots, film poster.

- movie trailer.

Delivery of filmcopies
Paragraph 7

The cost of transporting competitive films to and from Arkhangelsk is covered by the applicant party. The Directorate takes care of the costs of storing and insuring films during the film festival.

In some cases, agreed with the Directorate, Rightholderscan bring a film to the International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» on their own, while the entire responsibility for the delivery and preservation of film copies rests with the Rightholders.

Paragraph 8

Questions about inviting guests, terms and conditions of their stay and accreditation at the festival are decided by the Directorate of the International filmfestival of Arctic countries "Arctic open".

Participation of films in the competitions presupposes presence of one representative of the film.

International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» takes the following costs:

- payment of accommodation and stay of participants during the festival.

Conditions for staying at the festival of other guests, journalists, specialists are discussed in their personal invitations.

Applications for accreditation are accepted within the timeframe provided by the Directorate of the ICFRS "Arctic open".

Paragraph 9

All works submitted for two competition programs are reviewed by a selection juries each consisting of three people. As a result of the selection on November 10, 2017, two shortlists of international and national competitions will be formed. The list of participants of the festival and their works will be published on the website: (Pomor cultural fund "Bereginya")

The jury will evaluate the works from November 10 to December 7, 2017.


Paragraph 10

In competition, the jury awards three prizes and several special prizes.

Prizes of sponsors, nominal prizes, prizes from public organizations, information sponsors, including:

- Personal award of V. Y. Krupchak to the most promising beginner cinematographer

- Special prize of the APPM (Anton Loiter prize)

The prizes will be presented in a solemn atmosphere on December 9, 2017, during the closing of the festival in Arkhangelsk, therefore, it is assumed that the prizewinners should personally attend the award ceremony.

Final clauses
Paragraph 11

Participation in the festival presupposes observance of all clauses of the present Regulations. The Directorate of the International filmfestival of Arctic countries «ARCTIC OPEN» reserves the right to make changes to the festival program. In the event of disputes arising under the Regulation, the Russian text of this Regulation is taken as a basis. The festival Directorate is not liable for claims and claims related to copyrights and related rights of the films submitted to competition.

The copies sent for participation in the contest are not returned.

Paragraph 12

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